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Automatic car parking alarm for Obstacle behind detection

Hello Engineers. Often while parking a 4wheeler vehicle its some times frustrating and distracting to look back or obstacle handle steering too. All activities like handling the steering, braking, acceleration, and surveilling mirror are all carried out all along. It’s so messy to steer and pressing also prevents obstacles behind while parking or reversing each time. So, today I am going to discuss an Automatic car parking alarm for backward obstacle detection for car back to prevent walls or other obstacles to strike. The circuit using an IR proximity sensor for obstacle detection and alerting horn when something comes in a set range. So, let’s begin with our topic: ” Automatic car parking alarm for reverse obstacle detection”.

Automatic Car Parking alarm for object behind Obstacle detection

automatic car parking alarm

Materials and components

  • IR Obstacle sensor /IR proximity sensor – 1pc
  • Tactile switch – 1 pcs
  • U1 LM7805-1pc
  • C1 330n -1pc
  • C2 100nf -1pc
  • C3 10uf -1pc
  • Q1Transistor TIP122 -1pc
  • RELAY 12V
  • D1 1N4007 – 1pcs
  • R1 680R(680 ohms) -1 pc
  • BUZZER / 12v horn
  • 1 push button(for manual on-off)
  • 12v battery

Working/logics and the sensor

In the circuit discussed above, the main component is the IR obstacle sensor or IR proximity sensor that does the main work of sense. It’s a type of active infrared sensor which has an infrared emitter as well as an IR detector. So, the working of this obstacle sensor is very simple and easy to understand.

After the sensor is given input, the IR emitter LED starts emitting IR light continuously. When an obstacle comes, the IR light is reflected back by it and detected by the IR photodiode. The sensor then provides TTL(Transistor-Transistor Logic) output to the TIP122 transistor’s base for a set time. The sensitivity of the sensor is set by preset on the sensor’s PCB. For that particular time, the transistor is ON making the relay active. The relay then connects the Horn system to the 12v supply. When the delay is over, the sensor cuts off the output and the transistor is off.

The circuit also has a tactile switch to turn the circuit off to select the alarm’s operating mode, whether it’s automatic or human-controlled/ manual. So that, during the red light or in a jam the horn doesn’t go ON out of control and is under human control.

While the circuit can be powered by any 12v battery. The calibration for Sensor’s output is variable by the preset available on it.

I hope you guys liked it. Please let me know in the comments if any doubts or suggestions are coming to your minds. Thank you.

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