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This is the website’s specific section for Electronics Online tools for Online calculation tools. There are some electronics online tools designed to simplify various electronics-related calculations used while designing circuits. In this world of advanced software tools, still, there is some need to calculate basic things. To prevent the hassle and wasted of time, I have put these predesigned online software tools. Just you guys need to input some values and then answers will be calculated by these tools. By the time, I am going to add more and more Electronics Online Calculation Tools or online web apps whatever you say.

Electronics Online calculators Tools By Electroinvention

Monostable means only one stable state. A monostable multi-vibrator is a pulse generator that has only one state stable. it is also known as a one-shot MV. It is basically a pulse generator circuit in which the pulse duration time can be determined by R and C. Use This Tool

IC555 Calculator Online Tool IC555 Astable oscillator Calculator

IC555 Online Frequency calculator

Every time leaving work and putting time on calculations between work. So, here is a complete IC555 Calculator online tool. Using this online IC555 calculator tool you have to insert just some 3 values of R1, R2, and C. And, You’ll get the whole calculation outputs like the Frequency, Duty Cycle, T1, T0 and Time period. So, Read more

Ohm’s Law Calculator Online Tool- Calculate voltage/current/resistance

Online calculation tools Ohms law calculator

Welcome! Ohm’s Law Calculator. What is Ohm’s Law? It’s a Law was named after a famous German physicist George Simon Ohm. He Introduced this law that was named from his name as ” Ohm’s Law “. The most basic thing while starting with either electronics or electrical. It is an electrical fundamental that states the relationship between the Current, Voltage, and resistance. Ohm’s Law states that current is directly proportional to voltage whereas inversely proportional to resis..Read more. Go ahead use calculator too

Online Calculate Electrical Power – Calculator

Calculate electrical power automatically with this online tool Just input the voltage-current or current and resistance values and get the power output. calculate go ahead use the calculator

Variable power supply calculator- Calculate the Resistor value and Desired Output Voltage

Variable Power supply unit or Variable PSU is a must requires a tool for electronics and electrical engineering related works. This is a necessary tool or device which should be there on your workbench. Here is an online variable power supply calculator tool for you. While designing a variable Power supply ( by LM317 OR LM338) we need to make sure about the desired output voltage and current specs.you are making a VPSU( Variable Power supply unit) using LM338, then you need to use calculated values of R1 & R2.read more. Go ahead to the calculator

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