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Online advertising via Google Ads(Adverts) or some other means is a great Digital Strategy to promote your business/ website online. Advertise with Us Online and Target your true audience directly. Advertise with Us and reach your sales goals/ audience all over the world. Get a more related and dedicated audience, reach people who truly want to connect, at a very reasonable price. You can do this either directly or Target this site via Google Adwords.

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You Can Also Target Electroinvention‘s any page as a target page for your promotion via Google Ads (Adwords) if you find that way convenient and cost-effective.

Advertising ELECTROINVENTION any of the ways either directly or Google Ads is beneficial and will let you enhance your audience/ customer reach, as well as an online presence.

Benefits . Why to Advertise With Us ?

  1. Advertise Online and reach a large dedicated audience directly. Target a Large business audience directly from the relevant platform.
  2. This is an Adsense Approved website so you can target via Google Adwords Platform as well.
  3. We are having a large and wide diverse traffic source from only dedicated visitors.
  4. Our traffic sources are from Large Platforms worldwide.

5.Worldwide Dedicated Traffic / website visitors from platforms like:-

  • Pinterest(Follow) (Search Engine itself),
  • Quora(Follow) ( Itself a leading Information exchange and learning Platform),
  • Facebook Groups(I’m Admin and moderator in most of the large groups with more than 150k members in each),
  • Tumbler, Whatsapp groups Network (all dedicated business visitors)
  • ORGANIC Traffic (From Google Search)
  • Direct Traffic (Visitors who already know about us and visit regularly)
  • Email Subscribers as well. (People who have subscribed themselves for updates.)

6. One very Great thing that weighs is, we have a Bounce Rate of all over 6.2%. That is the lowest Bounce Rate. Yeah, because people like the content, they stay here, they read, they spend time.

Some people believe that an exceptionally low bounce rate can be due to no visitors, BUT let me tell you that is when you have it below 1%. Also, That ain’t case with us as we get a lot of traffic from all networks, like Social, Organic(Google), and direct and referral as well. More importantly, this is a content website, so visitors come, read content, analyze, and stay here for a long time.

7. A large part of our Visitors Traffic comes from countries like India, the USA, Canada, Germany, and many more. From all over the world.

More Over there is a lot of other benefits advertising with us. People Like the content, they stay long, hence the bounce rate is exceptionally low, which is a very good thing.

You can either Target Our site via google ads ( Adwords) network or else you can contact us directly for a certain time period based campaign.

Plans and Ad service

We offer side bar/post banner ads @ very cheaper rate i.e

  • $ 15 for 30 days.
  • $ 25 for 45 days.
  • $ 30 for 60 days.
  • $50 for 6 months.

We can Accept payment for any of the 2 Payment means :

Indian Payments
Paypal electroinvention advertise payments
International Payments

To Target this website directly via us and book sidebar ad for your business directly through us at cheaper rates, you can contact us via mail: or

Thank You. Connecting to us will be worth it.