lithium ion battery charger BMS Circuit
Lithium-ion Power supply

Lithium ion battery charger | Smart BMS Circuit using TP4056 Charging Module

When it comes to charging a lithium-ion battery, it’s mandatory to use an intelligent lithium ion battery charger. It’s mandatory to use a lithium ion battery charger with a Battery Management System(BMS) that continuously monitors battery voltage and current while charging and auto-cut off to protect the battery. Lithium-ion batteries can be dangerous if not […]

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lm338 power supply
LM338 Volatge regulator Power supply Voltage regulators

LM338 Variable Voltage Power Supply 1.25-28v, 5Amps Powerful

* LM338 Variable Power Supply *. Hello Everyone. A variable voltage power supply unit is a must for electronics, hobbyists, enthusiasts, and other people doing electronics work. A variable bench power supply unit provides a constant DC voltage output for operation and testing purposes. We can use it to power circuits with desired DC requirements […]

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Cool homemade utility Gadgets / circuit projects ECE engineering projects IC CD4047 Inverters Lamps and flashlights lead acid battery Power supply

Inverter circuit using CD4047 IC 150watts inverter

Hello Engineers. Inverters are a necessity in areas with a load shed or powercuts. Also necessary in offices, shops, etc. So that the day to day electricity requirements can’t be interrupted. Today I am going to discuss a 150 watts inverter circuit using CD4047 IC. This is a stable square wave inverter circuit for powering […]

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Fixed voltage regulators
AC TO DC /Rectifier Datasheets Power supply Voltage regulators

Fixed Voltage Regulators ICs with accurate Datasheets

Hello Engineers, we need to get desired or fixed voltage supply many times in many applications while designing some applications or circuits. For this, we need to use voltage regulators. So in this post, I am going to tell you in detail about the basic types of fixed voltage regulators and their classifications on the […]

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AC TO DC /Rectifier Automation Cool homemade utility Gadgets / circuit projects ECE engineering projects lead acid battery Power supply Single transistor projects

Automatic Battery Charger Circuit for 12v Lead-acid

Hello Engineers, Today I am going to discuss an automatic battery charger circuit designed by me.12V lead-acid batteries are being used in today’s world in a large number of applications/devices too. They can be used in inverters, computer UPS, kids automotive rechargeable buggy cars, Automotives(transportation vehicles), engineering projects, etc. Some of those devices have an […]

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