arduino automatic night light
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Arduino automatic night light using Arduino Uno & Nano

Hello Engineers. Hope all are great. We have already done the Automatic Night Light circuit on this website. Those were very easy and useful circuits using just a few components and worked just fine. But, here in this article we’re gonna discuss an Arduino automatic night light circuit using Arduino Uno and also an Automatic […]

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PIR motion sensor light
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PIR Motion Sensor Light | Automatic motion detection light

PIR motion sensor light. Hello engineers, sometimes it’s a bit difficult to go in a dark room and find a light switchboard to turn ON the lights and it’s sometimes lazy too to switch on and off the lights when going in or out of the room each time or going through the garage or […]

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Automation Microcontroller based projects Motor speed controllers

L293D Motor Driver IC and interfacing with microcontroller

Hello Engineers, Whenever making motor-based projects using any microcontroller IC we need more power in order to operate the motor. This power, can not be provided by any of the microcontroller ICs as motor requires a lot of power than the microcontroller consumes. For this, we need to use a motor driver with a microcontroller(L293D […]

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Automation Cool homemade utility Gadgets / circuit projects led/Lamps/Flashlights Microcontroller based projects

LED Chaser using microcontroller AVR ATmega 16

Hello, There are tons of LED Chaser circuits over the internet including analog ones, digital ICs, or Microcontroller based. Today in this blog I will discuss a simple LED chaser +blinker using the AVR ATmega16 microcontroller. So, let’s discuss it below starting with the introduction followed by the circuit, program, and a video. AVR ATmega16 […]

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