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Touch ON-Off switch circuit | 2 awesome circuit

Hello Engineer. ” Touch on-off switch circuit “, today’s topic. On this site, Earlier I have explained a low power touch-sensitive switch that powered small led on touch, else off. But, today, I am going to discuss 2 different touch on-off switch circuits controlling, domestic AC appliances/ high power applications. One of them is simple […]

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AC TO DC /Rectifier Automation Cool homemade utility Gadgets / circuit projects ECE engineering projects lead acid battery Power supply Single transistor projects

Automatic Battery Charger Circuit for 12v Lead-acid

Hello Engineers, Today I am going to discuss an automatic battery charger circuit designed by me.12V lead-acid batteries are being used in today’s world in a large number of applications/devices too. They can be used in inverters, computer UPS, kids automotive rechargeable buggy cars, Automotives(transportation vehicles), engineering projects, etc. Some of those devices have an […]

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Automation Cool homemade utility Gadgets / circuit projects ECE engineering projects LDR Security Based Automation Sensor based Single transistor projects

Laser Light Security Alarm using LDR | Burglar Alarm

Hello engineers, In this article I am going to share an LDR operated laser light security Alarm system. This circuit having LDR as the light-sensing component. This circuit discussed here has a relay that simply changes whenever the laser falling over LDR is interrupted and then Buzzer turns ON.So let’s get started with understanding in […]

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Lamps and flashlights led/Lamps/Flashlights Single transistor projects

Wireless Power Transmission Circuit | Easiest

Hi, guys, this article is based on a wireless power transmission circuit. This circuit explains how you can transfer dc input from one coil to another without any core or contact between. The transmission of AC input power between the two coils is pretty much easier and convenient as compared to dc. This circuit also […]

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IC 555 projects led/Lamps/Flashlights Single transistor projects

LED Flasher circuits | 2 Powerful circuits | Led Blinker

There are tons of LED flasher circuits over the internet, some works and some don’t. Some are consistent and some of them are just useless. So guys, today we will make 2 different types of LED flasher circuits that are self-tested.2 Different LED flasher circuits. Astable Oscillator Led Flasher (transistor led flasher) – Circuit 1 […]

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