Phishing- What is Phishing?- Phishing types and techniques

Phishing – What is Phishing? and how to prevent it and be safe. What is the meaning of phishing and the different ways you can get phished? Hello everyone and in this article, I am going to elaborate a little bit on Phishing. So let’s first know what is phishing? Phishing is a type of … Read more

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Number Locking System based Door lock using IC4017

Hello Engineers. Hope all are well. Security and automation are a great demand in this era. In this article, I am going to discuss a Number locking system based door lock. This is a cheap and effective way for low level based security by using number locking system based door lock protection. Security is required … Read more

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Great Education System !? Education System of India

Our GREAT EDUCATION SYSTEM !? Students’ Voice Hello and Welcome again guys to this website. Today in this article, I am not going to discuss any topics related to the circuits or projects. Today, 5th of Sept. is Teacher’s Day. And I am going to discuss something about our Great Education System ! ? This … Read more

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Current Voltage and Power – Electrons Behavior concept

electrons flow example by water tap pipeline

Hello Engineers. Glad to see you again on this website. Often, to the graduated, Beginner, hobbyist, or sometimes teachers, a common question is being asked. The question is, ” What are differences in Current Voltage and Power? OR, What is the difference between Current and Voltage? Or sometimes, beginners also struggle in starting with understanding … Read more

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Simple Automatic Emergency Light circuit Auto on off

Simple Automatic Emergency Light Circuit. Simple Automatic emergency light that auto turns ON off. Hello Guys, Hope everyone is doing well. Power cuts or routine electricity cuts are common in some places. These things are often common. Also, those who don’t have inverters in their home or a specific area like the garage of out … Read more

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