Wifi controlled home automation using iot esp 8266
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Wifi Controlled Home Automation using ESP8266 Node MCU

Life Quality has highly been upgraded due to the latest technologies, Home automation has made it easier to remotely control our home appliances with our smartphones via WiFi Connectivity. Wifi Controlled Home Automation allows us to easily control our home devices and security systems via Wifi or Internet connectivity. Here we will be discussing WiFi-controlled […]

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lithium ion battery charger BMS Circuit
Lithium-ion Power supply

Lithium ion battery charger | Smart BMS Circuit using TP4056 Charging Module

When it comes to charging a lithium-ion battery, it’s mandatory to use an intelligent lithium ion battery charger. It’s mandatory to use a lithium ion battery charger with a Battery Management System(BMS) that continuously monitors battery voltage and current while charging and auto-cut off to protect the battery. Lithium-ion batteries can be dangerous if not […]

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home automation using arduino and bluetooth
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Home automation using Arduino and Bluetooth | Control devices with Smartphone

Hello Engineers, when it comes to getting up and turning that light of your room ON or Off, it feels lazy. In this Tutorial, we’re going to discuss home automation using Arduino and Bluetooth. We’ll be controlling home appliances with our phone Bluetooth. To achieve complete home automation using Arduino and Bluetooth on our mobile […]

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program arduino pro mini
Arduino Arduino Basic to Advance ECE engineering projects Microcontroller based projects

Guide to Program Arduino Pro Mini with FTDI- Interfacing with FT232RL USB TO TTL Serial UART

Hello Engineers. Here is a quick guide to program Arduino pro mini with FTDI, How to program Arduino Pro Mini? We will use FT232RL USB To Serial UART Module. Also a complete guide on how to use an Arduino pro mini? This tiny Arduino Pro Mini(3.3 or 5V) doesn’t come with Any USB port and […]

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Play jingle bell music on arduino
Arduino Arduino Basic to Advance

Play Jingle Bells using Arduino UNO- Christmas Song Using Arduino and Buzzer

Hey Engineers. Merry Christmas and we’re back with a new tutorial. We will discuss how to play Christmas songs using Arduino Uno and a piezoelectric buzzer. We used a small piezoelectric buzzer to play simple Jingle bells using Arduino Uno. We have made the code such that it’s already set melody and timing so that […]

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