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Automatic water pump controller | auto cutoff water tank pump

Hello engineers, Often when we turn on the water pumps to fill the water tank of our home we have to look after whether its full or not. Or even when if we have a water tank full alarm then also we have to go and turn off the pump set. So today, I am […]

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L293D Motor Driver IC and interfacing with microcontroller

Hello Engineers, Whenever making motor-based projects using any microcontroller IC we need more power in order to operate the motor. This power, can not be provided by any of the microcontroller ICs as motor requires a lot of power than the microcontroller consumes. For this, we need to use a motor driver with a microcontroller(L293D […]

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IC555 motor speed controller PWM
IC 555 projects Motor speed controllers

IC555 Motor speed controller using PWM | 120watts

The following circuit shows, how to control the speed of DC motor using IC555 by the implementation of Pulse width Modulation.DC motors are used in many devices and applications in our surroundings for eg.toy cars, car wipers, Electric automotive vehicles, etc..Some devices have automatic speed adjustment systems, but in some applications, we need to adjust […]

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