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Transformerless Power supply 220v ac-20v

[powering led with 220 v AC] Have you wondered how Bulbs/lights work directly on mains 220v AC input without a stepdown transformer to lower voltage? The circuit discussed in this article shows and explains how to power LEDs from 220v ac source without using a stepdown transformer. The same concept is used in our modern […]

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AC TO DC /Rectifier Power supply

Variable Power Supply using LM317 1.5 – 15v dc

Introduction to variable voltage regulator :– A variable power supply unit is a very useful tool that provides the constant derived voltage output with constant current rated by the unit. A variable power output tool is a necessity for electrical and electronics hobbyists and professional work.These are circuits built using active and passive components(diodes,transistor,capacitors,resistors,ICs,etc. HOW […]

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Cool homemade utility Gadgets / circuit projects ECE engineering projects Inverters Power supply

Powerful 12V-220V AC Inverter, 60-100watts| DC to AC

Hello, everyone the instructable here in this post is a 60watt homemade inverter. Inverters are of 2 types mainly square wave and sinewave. The design discussed here is a powerful 12V- 220V AC inverter, 60w square wave inverter. This inverter is capable of powering CFLs, tube lights, dc fan ext. it can handle up to […]

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