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Transformerless Power supply 220v ac-20v

[powering led with 220 v AC]

Transformerless power supply

Have you wondered how Bulbs/lights work directly on mains 220v AC input without a stepdown transformer to lower voltage? The circuit discussed in this article shows and explains how to power LEDs from 220v ac source without using a stepdown transformer. The same concept is used in our modern LED lamps, lights. Transformerless Power Supply.


1.1M resistor 1pcs
2.10ohm 1w 2pcs
3.PCB board, general purpose PCB. 1pcs
4.LEDs 1W, upto 20 you can
5.Capacitor 100uf 50v
6.4.7uf 250v
7.capacitor 1uf 400v, ceramic nonpolar capacitor.

Circuit Diagram & Working

Transformerless power supply

Working :

When electricity enters through the 2.2uf, 400v capacitor to the circuit its lowered with respect to voltage, as ac can pass through capacitor but with some loses, the bridge rectifier does the rectification, the further two 4.7uf250v capacitors along with 10ohm 1w resistance acts as filter and stabilizers for output and the last 100uf 50v capacitor provides output for LEDs.

I have used normal LED s just for reference otherwise use 1Watt LEDs only.

Follow up the circuit diagram, make sure you use 1w LEDs, You can add at least15 and up to 20 LEDs.

Add LEDs only in series connection with each other, parallel with not work well.


The application when operating on 220v ac is not advised to touch you might get a shock or even serious injury. So take all safety measures and do this only if you have some experience in electronics.

The circuit shown in this article is good but not perfect as compared to the regulated transformerless power supply circuit. I have also added an advanced circuit on the website which is a 220V AC to 5V dc Regulated Transformerless Power Supply.

I hope you got the concept there is a video added below to show how this works.


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