AC TO DC /Rectifier Power supply

Variable Power Supply using LM317 1.5 – 15v dc

Introduction to variable voltage regulator :

A variable power supply unit is a very useful tool that provides the constant derived voltage output with constant current rated by the unit. A variable power output tool is a necessity for electrical and electronics hobbyists and professional work.These are circuits built using active and passive components(diodes,transistor,capacitors,resistors,ICs,etc.

HOW TO USE LM317 the variable voltage regulator 

Here I will tell you how to make a simple variable power supply using an LM317 variable voltage regulator. This is a variable voltage regulator with TO-220 PCB packaging.

variable power supply
this image credit goes to google

It has 3 pin terminals:- ADJ, Vout, Vin.


  • Transformer 12v-15v 1Amp to 2Amp
  • LM317K-1Pcs
  • (D1,D2,D3,D4) 1N4007  – 4 Pcs
  • C1 3300uf-1pcs
  • C2 330nf – pcs
  • C3 100uf – 1pcs
  • R1 10K – 1pcs
  • RV1 2K – 1pcs
  • D5 1N5400 – 1pcs

 Circuitry for LM317 Variable Power supply

variable power supply

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I have added this video below please watch it for more ing=fo and reffre=nce to make and check the working.


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