optocoupler working
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Optocoupler working explained

Hello Engineers. In this tutorial, we are going to discuss optocoupler. An optocoupler is a semiconductor electronic component that is used to link two separate electrically isolated circuits using a light-sensitive using light-sensitive means. An optocoupler is somewhat similar to a transformer. Although it does not work in the direction to step up or down […]

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8085 instruction set
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8085 Instruction Set – Instruction sets of 8085 microprocessor

8085 instruction set . An instruction is basically a small command made up of Opcode and operands, which are given to a processor to perform a particular operation or task on a given data. Instructions are a binary pattern that allows a microprocessor to perform a task. There are 74 basic instructions in microprocessor 8085 […]

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rf remote control for home appliances
Automation ECE engineering projects IC CD4017

Remote control Home appliances | Utilize 2 Channel from a 1 channel RF module

We have already discussed many circuits to remote control home appliances. But they’re Infrared controlled and have many limitations. Today, in this article, we will be discussing how to use a cheap single-channel RC toy car’s RF module to remote control home appliances. We are also are going to discuss how to control 2 AC […]

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Automation ECE engineering projects IC 555 projects Sensor based

IR proximity sensor circuit using tsop-1738 immune to sunlight

Hello Engineers, hope all are great! In this article, we are going to discuss an IR proximity sensor circuit using TSOP 1738 IR receiver. This circuit was made at the request of one of our visitors and is immune to outdoor light or sunlight. This circuit is a bit different than the usual circuits for […]

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