Ultraviolet light virus killer device | Kill viruses using UV-C light

Hello Engineers. Although we take many preventive measures and remedies to maintain proper hygiene. Of course, proper hygiene is necessary for good immunity and health. Especially during this coronavirus period, we need to take good care of our health and hygiene. Already everyone is using sanitizers, disinfectants, etc.to disinfect everything to prevent the spread of … Read more

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Smart washbasin Tap Controller | Automatic handwash tap

Hello Engineers. Here is another automation and home utility-related project ” Automatic smart washbasin tap controller”. An untouched and automatic water tap is a necessity to prevent virus contamination even after washing hands. Also, in the current coronavirus threat, we need to make sure of our hygiene and immunity. Although, we have a lot of … Read more

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Automatic doorbell system with auto-detection | 2 circuits

automatic doorbell system

Hello Engineers, Its an automation world. Everything is automated. So why not doorbell? Today, in this tutorial I am going to discuss a circuit that is an automatic doorbell system with auto-detection. This circuit detects automatically if someone is standing at the door and turns the bell circuit on by giving it power. So, let’s … Read more

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Automatic car parking alarm for Obstacle behind detection

automatic car horn

Hello Engineers. Often while parking a 4wheeler vehicle its some times frustrating and distracting to look back or obstacle handle steering too. All activities like handling the steering, braking, acceleration, and surveilling mirror are all carried out all along. It’s so messy to steer and pressing also prevents obstacles behind while parking or reversing each … Read more

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