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Simple Vending machine Circuit for Tea Coffee Soda

Simple Tea Coffee Vending Machine Circuit 

Hello guys. I hope everyone’s well. In places like Parties, Offices, or Events, you people might have used Self-service vending machines. Be it Tea vending machines circuit, or Soda vending machines that have a button to press and you have a standard specific sized glass or mug. You press that button & Soda comes from that machine’s container for a Preset couple of seconds then stops with the cup/mug got filled out. Such machines have a preset desired time set according to the time required to fill a particular volume of cup/mug/glass. In this article too, I am going to explain a simple vending machine circuit timer controller for serving tea, coffee, soda. This circuit is a simple vending machine circuit with having an adjustable preset timer and IC555 with a Solenoid valve to take control. So, let’s start with our topic Simple Vending machine circuit for tea, coffee, soda machines.

Materials and Components Req.

  • IC 555 timer 1pc
  • 12V Solenoid Valve 1pc
  • R1, R2 10K 1pc
  • Q1 BC547 1pc
  • D1, D2, D3-1N4007 3 pcs
  • Relay 12v 1pc
  • PCB 1 standard size
  • Push Button 1pc
  • 12V Power Supply – 2A at least or 12v lead acid 2-4ah

simple vending machine circuit Controller / Timer

simple vending machine circuit


The above circuit ca be used if you want to make a soda machine serving timer controlled after button pressed and released. This time can be set according to the glass’s volume. This time caan be set according to the value to of C1 to be tested manually. Although there are some circuits and IC555 configurations that have formula and calculation means to calculate theoretically according to the R1 and C1, but those practically and theoretically differ time. Also, they aren’t this much simple.

Here, combination of R1 and 470uf capacitor are giving me 8 seconds of high pulse time. You can just change the capacitor value and vary the time. It’s better if you make this on a bread board and set the capacitor value before finally making this. Or you can use any simulation software, if you have.

I make things simpler and effective so that everyone can make and enjoy.

The circuit working starts with the power supply that is 12Volts and at least 2A, I prefer to use a 12V Lead Acid battery having Ah rating from 2-4.5ah or can be more. You can also use a 12v 2Amps rectifier circuit or even a suitable rating ready-made adaptor. That can supply enough power to the circuit, relay as well as to the 12v solenoid valve.

The IC 555 is set in a monostable state, the control circuit is for an IC555 delay timer circuit. Click the hyperlink to go through its working. Once the Pushbutton is pressed, the button triggers the IC in the counting mode and activates the relay.

The relay on getting activated connects the 12V solenoid to th 12v +ve supply and it controls the flow of liquid through it.

The timing can be set by changing the value of C1, you can connect an LED and test it on a Breadboard before making it a final.

The relay switches ON the 12V solenoid valve that has inner electromagnetic mechanical parts and allows the liquid/drink to pass through it until the counting period is over.

After that the IC switches OFF the relay, that also turns off the solenoid.

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