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Remote Control Cracker Trigger | Burn Cracker with Remote Control

# DIWALI 2020 Hello Everyone. Hope all are well and healthy. Diwali is the festival of lights in India. Also, there is some religious story behind it which we’re not gonna discuss today. On this day, many people burn crackers on Diwali too. Although, crackers are very harmful to the atmosphere as well as yourself too and we do not support that. But, today I am going to discuss a Remote control Cracker trigger circuit. The circuit is called so because you can safely burn big and dangerous crackers with remote control without even using any fire. This remote control cracker trigger circuit will let you trigger and burn by standing at a distance and just using an IR remote of any TV or media player. Let’s begin with our remote control cracker trigger /controller circuit.

Materials and Components

  • TSOP 1838 or TSOP1738
  • IC 4017 – 1pcs
  • Relay 9V -1 pcs
  • Battery 9V * 2 pcs
  • Battery 12V Lead-Acid 4Ah- 7Ah
  • PCB -1 standard size
  • Header pin for mounting the sensor
  • Q1 BC558 – 1pc
  • Q2 2N2222A
  • Battery Clips for 9v battery- 2pcs
  • 12V car Electric Cigarette Lighter -Buy here

Circuit Diagram for remote control crackers trigger

Remote control cracker burner


The circuit above is very simple and very controlled as well as with proper indication for the user. In its basic stages, it’s again an IR ( Infrared) Remote control circuit making use of IC CD4017 and TSOP/ HX1838 or TSOP 1738 IR receiver. for this, I prefer using an 1838 IR receiver. If you’re using TSOP1738, you can control this circuit with any of the Car’s MP3 player remote or almost most of the TV remotes these days. Because most of the TV remotes these days work on the frequencies @ 38khz to 40khz. Using 1838(which I prefer) is good and you can send a signal through any button of Car’s mp3 player remotes or you can buy an IR remote control module.

For a basic understanding of this IR remote control circuitry and IC4017, you can follow the hyperlinks in this sentence. So that I need not repeat all the explanations which are basics.

In short, I must remind you that the output of the IR Receiver is a decoded output of the signal from Remote control. Whenever a button is pressed on the remote, it transmits modulated Infrared Signals. When the IR light signal is detected by the IR Receiver it gives demodulated output via the output pin, pin(3) connected to the R3. The transistor output goes to the IC’s pin 14 i.e clock pin.

As we know IC4017 is a decade counter IC, whenever a pulse is received at PIN 14, it increments the counter by +1. The output of +5v is at the output pins Q0-Q9 sequentially. So, Q0 is at PIN3 and first, when we turn on the circuit with power, q0 is automatically turned ON and that means Red LED is already turned ON telling you that it’s safe and you can now fix the cracker perfectly at its place. When you press and release any button of remote again, the counter is again incremented by +1. So Q1 is high making the green LED turn ON. This also tells you that now it’s ready and after another press, you can trigger your cracker and Burst it.

After the green LED is ON, when you press the remote button again, now Q2 is ON. Pin 4 is now high providing a TTL output to the transistor’s ( Q2 which is 2N2222A) base making it turn ON. and now, one side of the relay coil was already getting 9V supply, and now after the transistor is turned ON, it gives relays to other end access to the Ground. Relay after turning ON, makes the Electric Cigarette Lighter get 12v supply from B2 a separate 12v battery. This lighter provides enough ignition for any cracker to get Excite.


You can make something like an Iron/ metallic stand or a box to fix the Cracker and cigarette lighter over it and put circuitry under it. so that it’s portable and easy to handle and use comfortably. Check the image below for reference.

remote control cracker burner

Guys there are some other circuits of this types also I guess. But this one is better due to it’s such easy of use and Smart indication and control system with a powerful fast lighter. I hope you guys have liked it. I suggest let’s have a clean diwali, we should keep our environment clean. But if you’re even burning crackers, please do it safely as this way.

Hope you liked it. Do comment in the comment section and Happy Diwali To all of Us.

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  1. Really very nicely explained as always and i made this Circuit and it’s working guys you should try this remote control fire crackers safe and sime. Wating for more. Keep going

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