Simple Vending machine Circuit for Tea Coffee Soda

Hello guys. I hope everyone’s well. In places like Parties, Offices, or Events, you people might have used Self-service vending machines. Be it Tea vending machines circuit, or Soda vending machines that have a button to press and you have a standard specific sized glass or mug. You press that button & Soda comes from … Read more

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Simple 100watt Inverter Circuit using IC555 timer

Hello Guys. Hope we are doing very well. Already, I have explained some inverter circuits earlier on this website. From transistor-based to IC-based. Today, I am going to discuss another simple 100watt inverter circuit. I know already there are a lot of circuits over the internet and here too. I am going to add some … Read more

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Touch ON-Off switch circuit | 2 awesome circuit

Hello Engineer. ” Touch on-off switch circuit “, today’s topic. On this site, Earlier I have explained a low power touch-sensitive switch that powered small led on touch, else off. But, today, I am going to discuss 2 different touch on-off switch circuits controlling, domestic AC appliances/ high power applications. One of them is simple … Read more

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Automatic vehicle detection gateway system with timer control

smart automatic gateway system

Hello Engineers. Sometimes, it’s messy and full of hassle to get down when passing through a small gateway, society Carpark gate. Or, when entering a society gate or garage it’s a hassle every time someone should open the gate first. In places like these, the wastage of manpower can be avoided with the help of … Read more

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IC555 delay timer for controlling the on-off time of AC devices

IC 555 delay timer

Hello engineers, In this article, I will explain how to control AC appliances ON-OFF time using the IC555 Delay timer circuit that I have already discussed in the previous article. The delay timer ON-OFF circuit is similar and has just a few more components. So, Let’s Starts with the materials required and diagram followed by … Read more

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