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IC 555 Delay Timer circuit | Easy timer circuit

Hello Engineers, in this article, today I am going to discuss a reliable and good quality delay timer ON and OFF circuit using IC555 and a push-button for the trigger. The circuit time is set by the capacitor value used. So, let’s start discussion starting by the circuit diagram and materials required followed by explanations […]

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AC TO DC /Rectifier IC 555 projects lead acid battery

Recover Lead Acid Battery | IC555 Battery desulfator

Hello People, Sometimes our batteries in go-carts, inverters, kids buggy toys, emergency lights, etc after a long period of inactivity resist to full charge. They may also stop charging completely or their supply quality degrades to a greater extent. This is due to battery sulfation. In this article, we will discuss more about the battery […]

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IC 555 projects led/Lamps/Flashlights Single transistor projects

LED Flasher circuits | 2 Powerful circuits | Led Blinker

There are tons of LED flasher circuits over the internet, some works and some don’t. Some are consistent and some of them are just useless. So guys, today we will make 2 different types of LED flasher circuits that are self-tested.2 Different LED flasher circuits. Astable Oscillator Led Flasher (transistor led flasher) – Circuit 1 […]

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IC555 motor speed controller PWM
IC 555 projects Motor speed controllers

IC555 Motor speed controller using PWM | 120watts

The following circuit shows, how to control the speed of DC motor using IC555 by the implementation of Pulse width Modulation.DC motors are used in many devices and applications in our surroundings for eg.toy cars, car wipers, Electric automotive vehicles, etc..Some devices have automatic speed adjustment systems, but in some applications, we need to adjust […]

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