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IC 555 Delay Timer circuit | Easy timer circuit

Hello Engineers, in this article, today I am going to discuss a reliable and good quality delay timer ON and OFF circuit using IC555 and a push-button for the trigger. The circuit time is set by the capacitor value used. So, let’s start discussion starting by the circuit diagram and materials required followed by explanations for IC 555 delay timer circuit and a video, at last, showing the real-life working of circuit tested practically+simulation by changing capacitor value and the testing of actual time by time counter. IC 555 delay timer.

Materials and the Circuit

  • IC555 -1Pcs
  • R1 & R2 -10Kohm -2 PCS
  • C1 (470uf-1000uf)1Pcs
  • Push-button 1Pcs
  • L1 is LED or 6V dc small DC bulb
  • Battery 6v To 12v DC


IC 555 Delay Timer circuit to set on-off time

This design shows how the Counter Timer can be used to measure the
pulse width of a simple 555 monostable.

The timer is set to operating in timer mode, whilst the 555 output controls its clock enable input. The count thus advances whilst the output is high.

The reset edge is set to high->low such that the timer is reset when the button is released. When the push button is pressed, the LED OR any connected load goes on for a specific delay time and goes off after the time completes.


This time is decided by the capacitor’s capacitance value.

Application of IC555 timer circuit

These kinds of circuits are found in IC555 astable oscillators, counters, alarms, etc. Practically, this circuit discussed here can be used to set on and off time to control home appliances by a relay, Automatic OFF Water tap for sinks, etc.

Below is the counter Test to check the delay time by selecting capacitor uf(microfarads)value.

ic555 delay timer
Delay time can be set by varying capacitor’s farads value

Below is the video of practical real-life testing of circuit + simulation and checking the time by timer counter.

I hope you people liked it, if you liked it, please let me know in the comments. For any doubts, you can comment below.

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