Remote Control Cracker Trigger | Burn Cracker with Remote Control

remote control cracker trigger

# DIWALI 2020 Hello Everyone. Hope all are well and healthy. Diwali is the festival of lights in India. Also, there is some religious story behind it which we’re not gonna discuss today. On this day, many people burn crackers on Diwali too. Although, crackers are very harmful to the atmosphere as well as yourself … Read more

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Automatic Exhaust System | Smart exhaust Fan circuit

Hello Engineers. Hope you all are doing good. At places like kitchens, commercial kitchens, Fireworks factories or welding shops, etc places a proper exhaust system is required. An automatic exhaust system will be much helpful at these kinds of places. So that anyone if forgot to open the exhaust system, then too this automatic exhaust … Read more

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Intruder detector Burglar alarm that auto-activates at Night

Hello Engineers. I hope you ‘re doing good. In the place like godowns, construction sites, telecom sites, small factories, Lawns, etc, high security is required and also present. But at some of those places, working hours are only during day time. So, during the night when security guards aren’t much active, we need to automate … Read more

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Automatic vehicle detection gateway system with timer control

smart automatic gateway system

Hello Engineers. Sometimes, it’s messy and full of hassle to get down when passing through a small gateway, society Carpark gate. Or, when entering a society gate or garage it’s a hassle every time someone should open the gate first. In places like these, the wastage of manpower can be avoided with the help of … Read more

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Smart washbasin Tap Controller | Automatic handwash tap

Hello Engineers. Here is another automation and home utility-related project ” Automatic smart washbasin tap controller”. An untouched and automatic water tap is a necessity to prevent virus contamination even after washing hands. Also, in the current coronavirus threat, we need to make sure of our hygiene and immunity. Although, we have a lot of … Read more

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