Lamps and flashlights led/Lamps/Flashlights Single transistor projects

Wireless Power Transmission Circuit | Easiest

Hi, guys, this article is based on a wireless power transmission circuit. This circuit explains how you can transfer dc input from one coil to another without any core or contact between. The transmission of AC input power between the two coils is pretty much easier and convenient as compared to dc. This circuit also […]

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IC 555 projects led/Lamps/Flashlights Single transistor projects

LED Flasher circuits | 2 Powerful circuits | Led Blinker

There are tons of LED flasher circuits over the internet, some works and some don’t. Some are consistent and some of them are just useless. So guys, today we will make 2 different types of LED flasher circuits that are self-tested.2 Different LED flasher circuits. Astable Oscillator Led Flasher (transistor led flasher) – Circuit 1 […]

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Automatic Night Light circuit using LDR and Relay

Hello guys, today I am going to tell you an easy way to make an Automatic night light circuit(automation) without using any micro-controllers or development board. With a circuit diagram as well as a simulation video of working of this project. This is possible with a simple analog circuitry using some active components as well […]

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Cool homemade utility Gadgets / circuit projects Lamps and flashlights led/Lamps/Flashlights Power supply

Transformerless Power supply 220v ac-20v

[powering led with 220 v AC] Have you wondered how Bulbs/lights work directly on mains 220v AC input without a stepdown transformer to lower voltage? The circuit discussed in this article shows and explains how to power LEDs from 220v ac source without using a stepdown transformer. The same concept is used in our modern […]

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Solar multipurpose camping device + cool inbuilt phone charger

  Hello everyone, our project in this tutorial is a solar rechargeable LED lamp with an inbuilt power bank for phone charging. It is a multipurpose homemade camping device. As the project’s name shows its a very useful emergency purpose or camping device as it can provide you full bright light at night time whenever you are off-grid as […]

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