Inverter circuit using CD4047 IC 150watts inverter

Hello Engineers. Inverters are a necessity in areas with a load shed or powercuts. Also necessary in offices, shops, etc. So that the day to day electricity requirements can’t be interrupted. Today I am going to discuss a 150 watts inverter circuit using CD4047 IC. This is a stable square wave inverter circuit for powering … Read more

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Automatic Battery Charger Circuit for 12v Lead-acid

Hello Engineers, Today I am going to discuss an automatic battery charger circuit designed by me.12V lead-acid batteries are being used today’s world in a large number of applications/devices too. They can be used in inverters, computer UPS, kids automotive rechargeable buggy cars, Automotives(transportation vehicles), engineering projects, etc. Some of those devices have an inbuilt … Read more

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Lithium-ion vs. Lead-Acid batteries – Detailed Comparison

Hello Engineers, In today’s article, I am going to explain in a bit brief about Lithium-ion vs. Lead-Acid batteries and also their merits &demerits. How are they different? How is the one better than another. Their chemical and electrical properties. Also Lithium-Ion vs. Lead-acid batteries. so let’s get started. Lithium-ion vs. lead-acid Tabular difference at … Read more

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UPS Power grid for wifi router and broadband 12v 1.5A.

Hello Engineers, A non-stop internet connection is a necessity for all. Although in developed cities, a power cut is very uncommon. But still, it takes place and if your wifi and landline connection isn’t connected to the inverter, then your internet connection and landline may not get power and it is interrupted and all the … Read more

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Recover Lead Acid Battery | IC555 Battery desulfator

Hello People, Sometimes our batteries in go-carts, inverters, kids buggy toys, emergency lights, etc after a long period of inactivity resist to full charge. They may also stop charging completely or their supply quality degrades to a greater extent. This is due to battery sulfation. In this article, we will discuss more about the battery … Read more

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