Christmas Light circuit 2-channel Led Blinker Controller

Hi, guys hope everyone’s good. Christmas is coming and in this article, we are going to discuss a two-channel Christmas light circuit that can blink drive 30 LEDs in total. This Christmas Light circuit has two channels and is powerful enough to run15 normal 10-20mA LEDs per channel. This is usually like a flasher with … Read more

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Audio Amplifier circuit using LM386 OPAMP

Audio amplifier using lm386 opamp

Hello Engineers. In this project, we will make a simple 1-watt audio amplifier circuit using lm386 opamp. You may be wondering just 1 Watt!! But trust me this 1 Watt power audio amplifier circuit is enough to rock on a whole small cabin or room. This is a low-power high-performance audio amplifier. It’s equivalent to … Read more

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Top 10 Electronics Mini Projects for beginners

Top electronics mini projects ideas

Are you an ECE( Electronics Engineering) student? Are you an Electronics enthusiast or hobbyist who has just started? Do you want to learn some basics of electronics circuits and projects by some practical circuits? This article is for the students, newcomers, and electronics beginners who want to, or have just started with some practical electronics … Read more

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Remote Control Cracker Trigger | Burn Cracker with Remote Control

remote control cracker trigger

# DIWALI 2020 Hello Everyone. Hope all are well and healthy. Diwali is the festival of lights in India. Also, there is some religious story behind it which we’re not gonna discuss today. On this day, many people burn crackers on Diwali too. Although, crackers are very harmful to the atmosphere as well as yourself … Read more

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Phishing- What is Phishing?- Phishing types and techniques

Phishing – What is Phishing? and how to prevent it and be safe. What is the meaning of phishing and the different ways you can get phished? Hello everyone and in this article, I am going to elaborate a little bit on Phishing. So let’s first know what is phishing? Phishing is a type of … Read more

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