Simple Vending machine Circuit for Tea Coffee Soda

Hello guys. I hope everyone’s well. In places like Parties, Offices, or Events, you people might have used Self-service vending machines. Be it Tea vending machines circuit, or Soda vending machines that have a button to press and you have a standard specific sized glass or mug. You press that button & Soda comes from … Read more

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Electronic Pushups Counter Circuit Digital pushups counter

Hello Engineers. I hope all are fine. Guys, Today in this article, I am going to discuss a digital Electronic Pushups Counter circuit. While doing push-ups or any exercise, we need to focus on ” quality over quantity ” i.e focusing on the body form and positioning. Although, still quantity is also required to progress … Read more

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Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Detailed Explanation

Hello Guys. Welcome again to this forum. In this article, I am gonna discuss in brief about a computer science-related topic. Virtual Reality(VR) vs Augmented(AR). What are Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality? How to define Virtual reality and augmented reality? How they are different? What are the similarities? Advantages and disadvantages of this technology. So … Read more

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Simple 100watt Inverter Circuit using IC555 timer

Hello Guys. Hope we are doing very well. Already, I have explained some inverter circuits earlier on this website. From transistor-based to IC-based. Today, I am going to discuss another simple 100watt inverter circuit. I know already there are a lot of circuits over the internet and here too. I am going to add some … Read more

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Automatic Exhaust System | Smart exhaust Fan circuit

Hello Engineers. Hope you all are doing good. At places like kitchens, commercial kitchens, Fireworks factories or welding shops, etc places a proper exhaust system is required. An automatic exhaust system will be much helpful at these kinds of places. So that anyone if forgot to open the exhaust system, then too this automatic exhaust … Read more

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