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Great Education System !? Education System of India


Hello and Welcome again guys to this website. Today in this article, I am not going to discuss any topics related to the circuits or projects.

Today, 5th of Sept. is Teacher’s Day. And I am going to discuss something about our Great Education System ! ?

This post is the voice of many students and other non-ignorant people who can actually see what’s happening. Also, those who actually want to make a change and be a change. It is also the voice of some very talented and deserving students and people, who are still suffering even being very knowledgeable and outstandingly awesome.

Some really pure scientific people and highly deserving candidates and students who’re still either suffering or now left to hope or either now have committed suicides. From their hearts, I am going to write and mention their voices through this article.

I hereby declare that I don’t want to offend any particular person, place or organization, or any foreign countries reputation or feelings. Also, I am just keeping my opinion under Article 10 of the Human Rights Act: Freedom of expression.


Here only students are told what?

To just score marks, or just pass Exams, whether the person is having the knowledge and brain to solve real-world challenges with an innovative approach or not. The way of conveying the knowledge we are following is inappropriate and inconsistent according to the modern world and it’s efficient solutions to challenges. Forget all ideas, innovative solutions, and ambitions. Just pass all subjects by an exam no matter what you know and how much knowledge you have.

Indian education system problems

The whole System of education and Eligibility criteria needs to be reframed.

Is it necessary if a student hasn’t passed some or an exam, then probably he/she is also not having any knowledge or talents? Whole demotivating and judging system.

For example, If a person can’t study a particular subject, or if a person isn’t good at Data Structures, Doesn’t mean he can’t be Good at web-development or other fields.

Well, I don’t know much about other countries, so, I will just talk about my country, what I observe here. Also, I will mention views and opinions from my friends and many other peoples, including some of my website visitors.

Some Points to Mention to THINK OVER

Why is it that they most of the time only talk about marks, passing, syllabus, just solving Algorithms, etc. and not focussing on the projects, innovations, ideas, and real skills, knowledge, and learning and not doing the evaluation on that basis.

Even in companies and any other workplace, a person is required to have a specialized set of skills and knowledge to do a particular work assigned to him/her. No one asks you to “WAP to do this on a paper” or Do Merge Sort to sort these elements, OR, Write the derivation of this n that on a piece of paper”. Just you are there given a problem to which you have to create a solution using all approaches and skills you have. These are just the basics that must be clear to help you to move to the next level, but the way of explaining is just an outdated and dumb way.

For a moment, let’s see on the private institutions and certification courses Institutes. Look at the growing parallel institutional industry (i.e, Private training certification institutes) in India. Some Examples, Aptron Training, NIIT (which is a corporate Training Company, APTECH, etc.

Why do the students still have a need to go to these kinds of places to get real skills, knowledge, and training even after their degree courses? That too after paying lakhs of money to the universities. Just think, then what schools, colleges do by taking lakhs of money?

Why the Universities and schools, just can’t be straight and give only useful knowledge and real skill-based training directly by focussing on the projects, innovations, ideas, and real knowledge and learning and evaluating students on that bases.

Even if a student of standard 11th or 12th has to prepare, then even he/she cant pass if it is only dependent over the school. They have to additionally feed their money to some coaching classes to help them prepare. So why is school, just because it has support of govt and it’s education mafia ruling everywhere?

Eventually, This kind of system leaves no room for creativity and imagination as everyone is running a race just to score marks, get a degree, get a 9-5.

A student can achieve good marks but the Indian grading system(also many other countries follow the same) neglects the skills developed by students. You can’t identify a person’s skills by looking at his report card.

Graphical Representation of what’s actually going on.
Image Credits: Google

No, the whole system wants to just carry on old slavery system and just want to follow the process that makes them more money and waste student’s time and money. They’re still following outdated Education Patterns and Eligibility constraints.

Now, some Universities and big colleges will say, that, “No, we are having many creative and good skill development-related initiatives, what can you say about that?”

My answer,” It’s good and impressive, but nothing like outstanding, you are actually doing what you should do. Another thing, some are really taking big initiatives, but, they’re also, on the other hand, following same old fashioned grading and certification eligibility constraints, which will eventually increase the pressure upon the student’s mind and nothing else”.

Remember this scene from a Hindi movie 3-idiots? This is the system taking everyone towards Slavery and being just trained(like circus animals) and not being well educated.

Image Source : Google

Talking about CSE and ECE(because I’m from both fields) related people. The same things, that training certification courses centers or online courses can teach in very less time, make colleges and universities a whole semester of 6 months or even 4 years for just some 4 or 6 languages in total. or particular skill development. That too, they can’t train students perfectly, they still depend on companies and industries to train them that what does real-world skill means.

Isn’t it a waste of time and money.

Even after so much Pressure Cooker, is everyone happy and employed?

There is a Great Thing! According to the HRD ministry, India releases 15,00,000 Engineers each year, now, that’s another case that only 7% of that is suitable for engineering jobs.

Skill-based education is a real necessity. Engineering students need to have hands-on training on the basis of the problems they are likely to encounter in the real world.

Even, Parents these days neglect their child’s special talents, curiosity and qualities. They just want them to simply do a degree in high paying fields like Engineering, Law, Medicals, or the MBA(boom these days everyone is crazy for it) and just join a 9-5. Well, I won’t blame parents fully. Because, all parents wants the best for their child and don’t want them to put their child’s life in risk.

They do it, because of generation gap as well as a fear due to this problematic torturing system of education certification and eligibility and selection criteria.


This is actually due to the EDUCATION MAFIA! And why no one is speaking against or questioning it?

The reason is, they have the future of India dependent on them. They have support of all ministers govt., ignorants, as well as parents.

No one can question them because most of the people don’t want to take a stand and make a change.

Most people, even students are just ignorant, they also have fun in just solving some equations in a written exam, mugging-up things, following the same syllabus, and no burden on minds to think and do something innovative. Just they want to let it be as it is going.

No prior notice of fee hiking before or at the time of the Admissions. Indirect robbery on the names of different useless formalities and material things.

The Education Mafia!

The main reason no one tries to question them is that they have your grades, they have the grades of your children, they have power and support of govt. which is busy in their own fights for CHAIR. [am not pointing anyone, so don’t get offended].


And the students themselves don’t know how they were robbed, until they become degree-holder berozgaar(un-employed), with no skills and expertise.

In which, they just keep hiking fees every semester and year without prior discussions or any prior notice of fee hiking before or at the time of the Admissions. Indirect robbery on the names of different useless formalities and material things. Education has now become a business these days.

Then they will again have to go for some offline or online skill training certification from some other institutions or coaching centers to re-enter the Workforce by spending more extra money again on the same things or something advance and real, that their education system was unable to teach them.

So again spending lots of money to get eligibility for a job in their degree field, because your university just wasted your 4 years, (or 3, 5.. depends upon course type).

The management of private Universities, Colleges, and schools would apply only those technologies which can make them more money than the student’s skill set development and finding new and innovative ways of making students learn.

No one works for learning made fun and convenient.

The management can decide to make an incompetent person a principal or even at higher authorities which decides the education system’s big decisions (just by they’re rich or relative of any minister,etc.).

Great Indian education system

Right Education is believed to be a gateway to national greatness and country development. It is expected to uplift the poor both, socially and economically.

But our Education Maafia system is giving birth to inequality and differences between the rich, poor, and middle class.

Ese Banaoge Bharat Ko Vishvaguru or super power?

Well, I have said whatever I was able to say, and also whatever opinions I have got from my visitors and friends. So, I am not pointing any of the organizations, persons, or communities. I have just said what I have right to. Anyone should not take this personally.

If anyone feels that I am wrong and many other people and their opinions are wrong about this topic, then I request you to please watch the video below By Sir. Shaurya Bharadwaj, also known as Grandmaster Shifuji on India’s education system aka Education Mafia(for those who know Hindi). This man has that fire and one of my favorite. All the Credits to this video Goes to Shifuji sir.

Thank you guys for watching. Don’t forget to see some other posts to our main theme😁 i.e Electronics. Check Automation Projects Category

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  1. Very relevant article for today’s scenario
    I agree with you each and every word to explain it very well whatever you want to say……. And keep it up bhaii.
    Many congratulations to you☺😃🙏

    1. Hello Tushy, See there is nothing in the new education policy that can help with the above topic. Just they have dismissed some courses and added some, The way of conveying education as well as eligibility criteria and certification process is still the same.

  2. Yes you really expressed my voice and voice of people like us.
    Thank you for standing in this fight with me against the system.
    Just wish, that i can collect that guts to do so.

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