LM358 Datasheet and Working

Lm358 datasheet

Semiconductors components and ICs have changed the world and possibilities in the field of electronics. We’re going to talk about the IC LM358, LM358N Datasheet and in addition to that, it’s working. IC LM 358N is a dual op-amp IC originally introduced by Texas Instruments. DETAILED LM358 DATASHEET LM358N / LM358 Pinouts PIN No. Name … Read more

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Music Reactive dancing LED lights- using LM358 & LM3915

Hello Engineers. In this article, I am going to discuss a circuit for Music reactive Dancing LED Light. The circuit need not be connected to any input signal from the amplifier. This music reactive dancing LED light circuit can listen to the surrounding music or sounds and LEDs dance according to that signal. In this … Read more

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