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LM358 Datasheet and Working

Semiconductors components and ICs have changed the world and possibilities in the field of electronics. We’re going to talk about the IC LM358, LM358N Datasheet and in addition to that, it’s working. IC LM 358N is a dual op-amp IC originally introduced by Texas Instruments.


LM358N / LM358 Pinouts

LM358 Datasheet
PIN No.NameUse / Work
1OUTPUT1 (OUT: A)The output of Op-Amp 1 / Output: A
2INPUT1- (INPUT: A)Inverting Input of Op-Amp 1 (INPUT: A)
3INPUT1+ (INPUT : A)Non-Inverting Input of Op-Amp 1 (INPUT: A)
4VEE, GNDTo connect Ground or Negative Supply Voltage
5INPUT2+ (INPUT : B)Non-Inverting Input of Op-Amp 2 (INPUT: B)
6INPUT2- (INPUT: B)Inverting Input of Op-Amp 2 (INPUT: B)
7OUTPUT2 (OUTPUT: B)The output of Op-Amp 2 (OUTPUT: B)
8VCCPositive Supply Voltage to drive the IC.

IC LM358 is a monolithic low power Integrated circuit having dual high gain, internal frequency compensated Op-Amp(Operational Amplifiers) that are independent of inputs and can be operated on a single power supply. These can be operated at a wide range of voltage and consume very low power.

It can be considered as one-half of the LM324 Quad op-amp which contains four op-amps with a common power supply.

It can also operate on a split voltage power supply.

In the linear mode, the input common-mode voltage the range includes ground and the output voltage can
also swing to ground, even though operated from only a single power supply voltage.

The LM358 and LM2904 are available in a chip-sized package (8-Bump micro SMD) using National’s micro SMD package technology.

It’s available in 8-Bump micro SMD chip sized package too.

LM358 Datasheet

Important Features & Characteristics of LM358 / LM358N

  • Dual Integrated Operational Amplifiers.
  • It is internally frequency compensated for unity gain.
  • High dc voltage gain: 100 dB.
  • Available in 8-Bump micro SMD chip-sized package.
  • Has Wide bandwidth (unity gain): 1 MHz (temperature compensated).
  • It has a low input offset voltage: 2 mV.
  • Input common-mode voltage range includes ground.
  • Differential input voltage range equal to the power supply voltage.
  • It can have a large output voltage swing.
  • The input offset voltage as default is very as low as 2mV.
  • It’s Operating ambient temperature – 0˚C to 70˚C
  • Soldering pin temperature – 260 ˚C (10 seconds – prescribed)

Power Supply Voltage and Current Specs:

It has a wide range of power supply:

  • single supply: 3V to 32V
  • dual supplies: ±1.5V to ±16V

Current : Low Supply current – 700uA

LM358 Packaging

It’s available in : TO-99, CDIP, DSBGA, SOIC, PDIP,  DSBGA types packaging.

Also Known/ Equivalent:

LM358A, LM358E, LM358-N, LM358W

LM358 Applications:

  • Preamps( Pre-amplifiers)
  • Transducer Amplifiers.
  • Conventional op-amp circuits.
  • Integrator, Differentiator, Summer, adder, Voltage follower, etc.
  • DC gain blocks, Digital multimeters, Oscilloscopes.
  • Comparators (Loop control & regulation)

Here is an LM358 Circuit: https://www.electroinvention.co.in/music-reactive-dancing-led-light-lm358-lm3915

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