Christmas Light circuit 2-channel Led Blinker Controller

Hi, guys hope everyone’s good. Christmas is coming and in this article, we are going to discuss a two-channel Christmas light circuit that can blink drive 30 LEDs in total. This Christmas Light circuit has two channels and is powerful enough to run15 normal 10-20mA LEDs per channel. This is usually like a flasher with … Read more

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Simple Automatic Emergency Light circuit Auto on off

Automatic Emergency Light Circuit Hello Guys, Hope everyone is doing well. Power cuts or routine electricity cuts are common in some places. These things are often common. Also, those who don’t have inverters in their home or a specific area like the garage of out doesn’t have inverter connection face problems in a sudden blackout. Here … Read more

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Solar Automatic streetlight with Vehicle detection

smart automatic vehicle detection solar street light

Hello Engineers. In today’s world, Technological advancement, Automation, and Free/ Clean energy are a boom and is a necessity too. Everybody wants to automate their boring stuff, save their time. Also, free and clean energy is always appealing and need if it’s about Electricity. Like how helpful and energy efficient will be a smart automatic … Read more

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Solar automatic night light | Solar auto on-off night lamp

solar automatic street light

Hello engineers, Sometimes we need a little or less light is some parts of our home during the whole night. Areas like our lawn / our Garden area/parking lot during the whole night time. Also, we want to save electricity and energy for that, So, today I am going to discuss a Solar automatic night … Read more

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PIR Motion Sensor Light | Automatic motion detection light

PIR motion sensor light

PIR motion sensor light. Hello engineers, sometimes it’s a bit difficult to go in a dark room and find a light switchboard to turn ON the lights and it’s sometimes lazy too to switch on and off the lights when going in or out of the room each time or going through the garage or … Read more

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