Basic Electronics Quiz

This is a Quiz Game for beginner Level in Electronics – Analog Electronics Quiz.

This is a Quiz Game for beginner Leve in Electronics- Basic Electronics Quiz or Analog Electronics.

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1.  The input impedance of a JFET is ______ that of an ordinary transistor


2. In an electrolytic capacitor, a thin insulating material between two plates is called


3. The direction of current flow in a P-Channel FET is




A diode can be used for


5. A MOSFET is having 3 terminals, which are



A semiconductor is a type of material



_______ is a semiconductor device made by sandwiching either N-type between a pair of two P-type or a P-type between a pair of two N-type materials.


8. MOSFETs have the greatest application in the digital circuit due to


9. Which operating condition is satisfied by the transistor if it is supposed to function in cut-off region ?


10. In a BJT as a collector to base voltage increases, the emitter current



____________ works as a switch between various electrical stages or can be used for amplification or regulation of electrical current or voltage signals.



Which of the following are active components


13. Which operating region of BJT enables Emitter-base & collector-base junctions to undergo perfect short-circuit configuration?


14. BJT stands for(a)_______ and it’s 3 terminals are,(b) _______,_______ , ________ respectively.


15. What is biasing condition for a transistor to operate in active?


16. A common base configuration of a PNP transistor is similar to as _________ of a JFET


17. FETs have a _______power gain compared to BJT.


18. Full-Form of a MOSFET is


19. The ability to store charge by a capacitor is


20. A MOSFET can be operated with _______


21. In a half-wave Rectifier, which has a single diode, there are ripples in the output waveform which makes it unsuitable and unsafe to be used as a DC source. Choose the correct alternative that we can apply to make it some stability without adding more diodes.


22. JFET stands for_______ and JFETs are ________ driven device.



Capacitor is a _________ component that stores electrical energy in the form of the __________.


24.  In a p-channel JFET, the charge carriers are______



__________ is a type of resistor which is temperature-dependent. Its resistance depends on the temperature.


26. If the reverse bias on the gate of a JFET is increased, then the width of the conducting channel ______


27. The gate of a JFET is _______biased


28. A MOSFET is also called as _________


29. Field Effect Transistors are _______ controlled devices,



______________ is a semiconductor device with 4 layer material, i.e p-n-p-n junctions and are used for controlling current and power in thyristor circuits.


31. Which of the following condition is true for cut-off mode?



An Electrical circuit is a pathway for the flow of


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