Basic Electronics Quiz

This is a Quiz Game for beginner Level in Electronics – Analog Electronics Quiz.

This is a Quiz Game for beginner Leve in Electronics- Basic Electronics Quiz or Analog Electronics.

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1. JFET stands for_______ and JFETs are ________ driven device.


2. In an electrolytic capacitor, a thin insulating material between two plates is called



______________ is a semiconductor device with 4 layer material, i.e p-n-p-n junctions and are used for controlling current and power in thyristor circuits.


4.  The input impedance of a JFET is ______ that of an ordinary transistor


5. BJT stands for(a)_______ and it’s 3 terminals are,(b) _______,_______ , ________ respectively.


6. The gate of a JFET is _______biased


7. A MOSFET can be operated with _______


8. What is biasing condition for a transistor to operate in active?


9. The ability to store charge by a capacitor is



A diode can be used for



__________ is a type of resistor which is temperature-dependent. Its resistance depends on the temperature.


12. FETs have a _______power gain compared to BJT.


13. Which operating region of BJT enables Emitter-base & collector-base junctions to undergo perfect short-circuit configuration?



Capacitor is a _________ component that stores electrical energy in the form of the __________.



_______ is a semiconductor device made by sandwiching either N-type between a pair of two P-type or a P-type between a pair of two N-type materials.


16. Which operating condition is satisfied by the transistor if it is supposed to function in cut-off region ?


17. In a BJT as a collector to base voltage increases, the emitter current



Which of the following are active components


19.  In a p-channel JFET, the charge carriers are______


20. If the reverse bias on the gate of a JFET is increased, then the width of the conducting channel ______


21. A MOSFET is also called as _________


22. A common base configuration of a PNP transistor is similar to as _________ of a JFET


23. Full-Form of a MOSFET is


24. MOSFETs have the greatest application in the digital circuit due to



A semiconductor is a type of material


26. Which of the following condition is true for cut-off mode?


27. A MOSFET is having 3 terminals, which are



____________ works as a switch between various electrical stages or can be used for amplification or regulation of electrical current or voltage signals.


29. In a half-wave Rectifier, which has a single diode, there are ripples in the output waveform which makes it unsuitable and unsafe to be used as a DC source. Choose the correct alternative that we can apply to make it some stability without adding more diodes.



An Electrical circuit is a pathway for the flow of


31. Field Effect Transistors are _______ controlled devices,


32. The direction of current flow in a P-Channel FET is



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