Solar Automatic streetlight with Vehicle detection

smart automatic vehicle detection solar street light

Hello Engineers. In today’s world, Technological advancement, Automation, and Free/ Clean energy are a boom and is a necessity too. Everybody wants to automate their boring stuff, save their time. Also, free and clean energy is always appealing and need if it’s about Electricity. Like how helpful and energy efficient will be a smart automatic … Read more

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3 easy Solar Automatic night lamp /garden light/ porch light circuits

Solar automatic night lamp

Hello Engineers. There is a lot of solar automatic lighting stuff available over the internet as well as on this site too. Projects like automatic solar night lights, solar automatic night lamp rechargeable Led lights, Automatic solar street light, multipurpose solar camping tool, etc. Today, I am going to add up a little more to … Read more

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Solar automatic night light | Solar auto on-off night lamp

solar automatic street light

Hello engineers, Sometimes we need a little or less light is some parts of our home during the whole night. Areas like our lawn / our Garden area/parking lot during the whole night time. Also, we want to save electricity and energy for that, So, today I am going to discuss a Solar automatic night … Read more

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Solar multipurpose camping device + cool inbuilt phone charger

  Hello everyone, our project in this tutorial is a solar rechargeable LED lamp with an inbuilt power bank for phone charging. It is a multipurpose homemade camping device. As the project’s name shows its a very useful emergency purpose or camping device as it can provide you full bright light at night time whenever you are off-grid as … Read more

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