Music Reactive dancing LED lights- using LM358 & LM3915

Hello Engineers. In this article, I am going to discuss a circuit for Music reactive Dancing LED Light. The circuit need not be connected to any input signal from the amplifier. This music reactive dancing LED light circuit can listen to the surrounding music or sounds and LEDs dance according to that signal. In this … Read more

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How to Build VU meter Circuit using LM3915 IC

Hello Engineers. In this tutorial, I am going to discuss an Audio VU meter Circuit. What is a VU meter circuit? A VU meter is also an audio Visualizer that has a group of LEDs as dot or Bar display. VU meters are basically used with the Amplifiers and audio systems to analyze and display … Read more

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Audio Amplifier circuit using LM386 OPAMP

Audio amplifier using lm386 opamp

Hello Engineers. In this project, we will make a simple 1-watt audio amplifier circuit using lm386 opamp. You may be wondering just 1 Watt!! But trust me this 1 Watt power audio amplifier circuit is enough to rock on a whole small cabin or room. This is a low-power high-performance audio amplifier. It’s equivalent to … Read more

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