Digital Electronics Quiz Vol-1

This is Digital Electronics Quiz Vol -1 which is of the basic level to intermediate. Check your knowledge in Digital Electronics. After Completing this you can also move on to Digital Electronics Quiz Vol -2 which is more advanced.

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1. Convert the binary 111011 into decimal


2. Latch is a device with ___


3. How many flip-flops are there IC 7475?


4. In a binary number system, the first digit (bit) from right to left is called______


5. The basic memory elements in digital circuits are made up of


6. Which two of the following are universal gates?


7. How many entries in a truth table are necessary for an AND Gate with 4 inputs______


8. An AND Gate of 3 inputs, 2 are high and one is low. What will be the output?


9. Which of the following gate will give a 0 when both of its inputs are 1?


10. In Boolean algebra, the bar sign (—) indicates______ gate operation.


11. Which of the following expressions is in the sum-of-products (SOP) form?


12. A ______ is a universal gate which is an AND Gate followed by NOT gate.


13. x-or gate symbol




Identify the Gate for this Symbol and Expression above


14. 2’s complement of the binary number 10110 is


15. A Logical gate whose output is low when the inputs are same and output is high when inputs are differ, is called_________


16. The function of a NOT Gate is to


17. The base of the octal number system is


18. Select the correct logical expression for a NAND Gate from below


19. The Hexadecimal for binary 1001110 is


20. A NOR Gate is an OR gate followed by a


21. The Hexadecimal of the decimal number 45.0 is ______


22. A latch is a _______ device in electronics circuits with 2 stable states.


23. 1’s complement of the binary 101101 is


24. Decimal number 45 in binary is


25. Logic Gates in digital electronics are


26. One of De Morgan’s theorems states that Simply stated, this means that logically there is no difference between:


27. IC Number of an AND gate is______


28. In an X-NOR Gate, if  input A is ‘0’ and input B is ‘1’, then the output will be


29. The three inputs AND gate has______number of operations.


30. The gate that can be used to implement any Boolean expression is ________


31. AND gate is a logical gate that requires atleast______ input and produces only_______ outputs after performing the AND operation.


32. A three digit decimal number requires ________ for representation in the conventional BCD format.


33. Applying DeMorgan’s theorem to the expression QUIZ-DEMORGANS, we get ________


34. The Karnaugh map method of minimization of switching function is very convenient and effective if the number of variable in the switching function is


35. Using the transformation method you can see that any POS realization of OR-AND with only _____


36. A Karnaugh map (K-map) is an abstract form of ______ diagram organized as a matrix of squares.


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