Automatic vehicle detection gateway system with timer control

smart automatic gateway system

Hello Engineers. Sometimes, it’s messy and full of hassle to get down when passing through a small gateway, society Carpark gate. Or, when entering a society gate or garage it’s a hassle every time someone should open the gate first. In places like these, the wastage of manpower can be avoided with the help of … Read more

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Automatic doorbell system with auto-detection | 2 circuits

automatic doorbell system

Hello Engineers, Its an automation world. Everything is automated. So why not doorbell? Today, in this tutorial I am going to discuss a circuit that is an automatic doorbell system with auto-detection. This circuit detects automatically if someone is standing at the door and turns the bell circuit on by giving it power. So, let’s … Read more

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PIR Motion Sensor Light | Automatic motion detection light

PIR motion sensor light

PIR motion sensor light. Hello engineers, sometimes it’s a bit difficult to go in a dark room and find a light switchboard to turn ON the lights and it’s sometimes lazy too to switch on and off the lights when going in or out of the room each time or going through the garage or … Read more

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