Electronic Pushups Counter Circuit Digital pushups counter

Hello Engineers. I hope all are fine. Guys, Today in this article, I am going to discuss a digital Electronic Pushups Counter circuit. While doing push-ups or any exercise, we need to focus on ” quality over quantity ” i.e focusing on the body form and positioning. Although, still quantity is also required to progress … Read more

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Automatic vehicle detection gateway system with timer control

smart automatic gateway system

Hello Engineers. Sometimes, it’s messy and full of hassle to get down when passing through a small gateway, society Carpark gate. Or, when entering a society gate or garage it’s a hassle every time someone should open the gate first. In places like these, the wastage of manpower can be avoided with the help of … Read more

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Visitor counter circuit using IC 4026 & 7-segment display

Hello Engineers. At places like small gatherings or meeting halls, small conferences, and classrooms it’s good to employ a visitor counter. This visitor counter circuit will count the visitor number of persons entered in the room or hall. The circuit explained in this tutorial today, is using two CD4026 ICs with two 7-segment LED displays. … Read more

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