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Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Detailed Explanation

Hello Guys. Welcome again to this forum. In this article, I am gonna discuss in brief about a computer science-related topic. Virtual Reality(VR) vs Augmented(AR). What are Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality? How to define Virtual reality and augmented reality? How they are different? What are the similarities? Advantages and disadvantages of this technology. So […]

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Insulators and conductors
Basic concepts insullators and conductors

Insulators and Conductors | differences &properties

What is an insulator? What is a conductor? How are insulators and conductors different? Physical and electrical properties of insulators and conductors. Hello Engineers. In the following article, I am going to explain the difference between insulators and conductors, as well as their various properties. So, let’s start. What Are Insulators? An insulator is a […]

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Basic concepts Datasheets Inverters

How do Inverters work? | Designing | Configuration

Hello Engineers, I hope you all are rocking! For some people, especially beginners, it’s tricky or confusing to understand,” how do inverters work? “. Their working topology, basic concepts, and basic load and backup power calculations, etc. All these basic conceptual things come in role-playing when designing an inverter device according to desired requirements. So, […]

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