Microprocessors Quiz- 8085 Quiz-2

Microprocessors Quiz- 8085 Quiz -2

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1. MVI is an  instruction used for________


2. ________is the increment instruction, that increments the register contents by 1. The contents of a particular register are incremented by 1


3. Which of these is a main purpose of SIM instruction


4. ______is to store the contents of the accumulator to a location address.


5. PCHL means,


6. When ALE pin is at HIGH(1), then the PINS AD0-AD7 are used as


7. ______is to store the contents of the accumulator to a location address.


8. ______ instruction is used to perform the AND operation.


9. In a Microprocessor, the address of the new next instruction to be executed is stored in


10. In the instruction ADD B


11. In 8085 AD0-AD7 are


12. This instruction only jumps to a specified address if the Zero Flag is set or else the program control flows in the sequential flow.


13. This instruction is for exchanging the contents of two register pairs.


14. ________ instructions allow transferring/ copying the data between register to registers, register to memory, vice versa.


15. The flag that specifies the carry is generated by the 3rd and passed on to the 4th.


16. In the instruction LXI B, 3000H, X and B means?


17. A microprocessor 8085 is working on a 3mHz frequency and still, we use a 6Mhz crystal oscillator to


18. This instruction is used to jump to a memory location from the current memory location to any other memory location.


19. In the register addressing modes



20. This is used to transfer the 8 bits of data at a time.


21. RET is a


22. Using DAA the content of the accumulator is adjusted into


23. JNC, means


24. Data transfer instructions don’t affect any flags in the flags register of the microprocessor. Answer True/False



MOV R, M is an instruction, where R is denoted for a register and M ______


26. The maximum size of external memory you can interface with the 8085 processor is


27. The microprocessor 8085 requires the ______ input for operating with proper tuning with other peripherals connected to it.


28. The instruction used to load the data at any address to the Accumulator.