Microprocessor Quiz – Basics of 8085 -1

Miccroprocessor Quiz- Basics of 8085-1. Comment your score below.

Microprocessor Basics Quiz questions and Mcqs.

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1. __________ is an 8-bit register, which is connected to the ALU (Arithmetic and Logical Unit).


2. The cycle required to fetch and execute an instruction in a 8085 microprocessor is which one of the following?


3. ___________ is responsible for all arithmetic and logical operations.


4. The size of address bus of 8085 microprocessor is ___ bits.


5. The microprocessor acknowledges an interrupt and sends an acknowledgment to the peripheral that has requested through ______


6. Auxilary carry means when the carry is generated by the ___ and passed on to the _____.


7. The advantage of a DMA controller is,


8. The 8085 uses a single ____ input for its operation.


9. The size of the data bus we have got in 8085 is____


10. This is an 8-bit register having five 1-bit flip-flops in it.


11. Why is program Counter a 16-bit Register ?


12. It is a 16-bit special-purpose register used to hold the address of memory location of the next instruction to be executed.


13. We have ______general-purpose registers in our 8085 microprocessor.


14. 8085 Microprocessor is a ____ pin microprocessor.


15. ______ registers that are not accessible by the programmer and are for the microprocessor personal usage.


16. The register that tells about the nature of the results stored in the accuulator.


17. _________ are the temporary storage location to store data temporarily and manipulation of data and instructions by the microprocessor.


18. A microprocessor is responsible for


19. _________generates the timing pulses and control signals for the execution. Also, it controls the flow of data between the CPU and peripherals.


20. A microprocessor 8085 is based on which packaging?


21. Which of the following is a nonmaskable interrupts_____________


22. A microprocessor comes has an inbuilt memory unit___


23. The required operating clock frequency by microprocessor 8085____


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