Analog Electronics Quiz-2

This is the Analog Electronics quiz vol-2 this is the second part of a more advanced level of Analog /Basic Electronics Quiz-1. This is a Quiz game for Practice, educational purposes, or Self-evaluation MCQs.

1. What type of filter produces a predictable phase shift characteristic in all frequencies?


2. When a diode is reversed biased, and voltage is more than its PIV , then it results in ______


3. In a half-wave or full-wave rectifier, the Peak Inverse Voltage of the rectifier is always



4. . A Zener diode is always ______ biased.


5. An RC coupling circuit is an example of what type of filter?


6. The value of β is given by the expression


7. A Zener diode is used as a____


8. Which of these statements below shows that Power is directly Proportional to Voltage?


9. Which of the following terminals does not belong to the MOSFET?


10. How do we turn on a diac usually


11. According to Ohm’s law, if voltage increases and resistance stays the same, then ________


12. For a single-phase supply frequency of 50 Hz, the ripple frequency in full-wave rectifier is


13. What is the controlling parameter of a MOSFET


14. In a C-E configuration, an emitter resistor is used for:


15. In a transistor amplifier, when the collector current increases, the collector voltage______


16. What is the loss the filter introduces to the signals in the passband called?


17. In a transistor which is the largest of all doped regions


18. C-B configuration is used to provide which type of gain?


19. A collector characteristic Curve-graph show


20. The filters created by using resistors(R) and capacitors(C) or inductors(L) and capacitors(C) are called_____


21. Which of the following terminals does not belong to the MOSFET?


22. In the internal structure of a MOSFET, a parasitic BJT exists between the


23. How many P-N junctions are there in a Zener diode?


24. For a full-wave rectified sine wave, the form factor is


25. What is the color code for a 4.7 kΩ resistor with 5% tolerance?


26. A MOSFET is a Transistor that combines _____&_______ technology.


27. With a PNP circuit, the most positive voltage is probably:


28. An SCR is a ____ device.


29. Three different Q points are shown on a dc load line. The upper Q point represents the:


30. The collector current in a transistor is controlled by


31. The forward current gain α is given by


32. The forward voltage drop across a silicon diode is ______


33. A half-wave rectifier circuit with a capacitive filter is connected to a 200 volts, 50 Hz ac line. The output voltage across the capacitor should be approximately


34. PIV of a diode is usually______


35. A full wave Bridge rectifier makes use of _diodes


36. Calculate the resistance for red-red-black


37. A transistor has the base current equal to 20mA and collector current equal to 4.98 A, Calculate emitter current.


38. A _______ is the maximum voltage that a diode or other component can withstand safely in reverse biased direction.


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